About Me

The web experts say that this is the part of my site where I should include some boring information about myself such as my schooling etc., but the truth is that my clients care about other more important things. My clients care that I return their phone calls. My clients care that I will know and remember more about their case than they do each and every time we step into Court. My clients care that I won’t bill them for every postage stamp, every copy or every time I think about their case. My clients care that I will go the extra mile to obtain the best outcome for them. My clients care that they can talk to me about the pain or joy surrounding their circumstances, and not just the law. My clients who are parents care that I will remember their children’s names long after I close their files. If any of this is important to you when selecting an attorney, give me a call at (609) 407-9111, and I will be happy to set up an initial consultation for you. I look forward to helping you through this ordeal and getting the best possible result for you.


The Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, PA, Juris Doctorate; The American University, Washington, D.C., BA Sociology


I wanted to personally thank you for your excellent, professional and caring manner dealing with my son’s and my grandson’s case. I’m not a rich person in any way, shape or form. However, every penny I gave was so worth it. I’m sure you handle so many cases such as my son’s, but I have to commend you for seeing and reading more than the normal lawyers out there. The difference is YOU CARED! … Ms. Korngut, thanks be to God and you, we are going to be a family this Christmas for the first time in a long time. … He is finally able to feel again through his son and the new beginning you gave him. Not many people can make a strong impression on my son or that he could trust. He felt it with you and at times he hung on to every word you said. You gave him encouragement when he felt he failed. You gave him HOPE when I couldn’t give enough to convince him. You helped me to help him to BELIEVE in himself again. Thank you from the bottom of his sister’s heart and mine.

- L.B. from Galloway, NJ

I was married for 46 years when my husband filed for divorce. Susan’s professionalism and integrity impressed me from the start. Her knowledge and navigation of the legal system allowed me to have confidence and peace of mind during a difficult period in my life. Susan’s caring and concern for my situation put me at ease and made me feel like I was getting advice from a true friend.

- D.M. from Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Professional, thorough, involved and HUMAN. Susan helped me to understand the process and calm the natural feelings that go with family legal issues. I simply cannot imagine having to go through such an ordeal with any other attorney and came away from the experience a better person because of her guidance and steadfast attention to my needs.

- J.A. from Hammonton, NJ

Divorce is a traumatic experience on many levels. Susan exceeded my expectations on every level. Emotionally, you can’t think straight and need the guidance of a serious professional who will help you make the best decisions for you at a time when you may be thinking with your heart and not what is really best for you. My ex-wife went to Florida and served me from there hoping I would make some mistakes and she would be allowed to continue to live there with our children. I am an involved father and this thought was devastating. Susan advised me with the best course of action and even though I was skeptical, I listened and they were absolutely the right moves. Susan’s guidance and wisdom really paid off for me. I was also given practical advice financially. I was given options and the likely consequences of those decisions. No misleading “I’ll take him to the cleaners” type of advice which only leads to false expectations and unnecessary legal bills. Susan is reasonable and practical. She has a terrific reputation at the courthouse and fought very hard for me. I’m glad my divorce is behind me and I think one of the reasons I am so happy today is that I had the good fortune to meet Susan Korngut.

- C.M. from Somers Point, NJ

Dear Susan, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you personally for your assistance with [my daughter]. I knew from the beginning after speaking with you that she was in very capable hands. Thank you again.

- R.L. from Freehold, NJ

Dear Susan, This “thank you” is long overdue. I apologize. I guess this proves I’m a procrastinator or we’d have been having this conversation years ago. Please know how delighted I am with everything you did for me during this transition in my life. Your professionalism and friendship truly did bring a ray of sunshine and you really are a “breath of fresh air”. Somehow, having you to talk to relieved the stress related to this change in my life and brought renewed assurance that I was on the right track. I think it was your smile. I knew that this change was what I had to do if I was going to survive and you supported and guided me all the way. Thank you so much. Sincere thanks for your consideration of my final bill too. You said I would be surprised and I was. You’re the greatest.

- J.S. from Ocean City, NJ

Susan, I may have lost a husband but I gained a new, wonderful friend. Thanks for all of your help, understanding, sharp wit and sarcasm. Without it, I may still be married to a non-person. Love and thanks.

- M.S. from Margate, NJ

Thank you again for all of your help. You are an excellent attorney. Others should take lessons from you! Thanks again.

- B.B. from Somers Point, NJ

Susan, Thank you for giving my daughter’s life back to her.

- F.S. from Mays Landing, NJ

Susan, Thank you so much for making my divorce process smooth and so quick. I will be eternally grateful. It has been a pleasure knowing you. I truly appreciate everything you have done.

- Y.N. from Mays Landing, NJ