5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Attorney

If you are interviewing more than one attorney, here are some interesting questions for you to consider asking. Hopefully, each attorney’s answers to these questions will help you to decide whether he/she is the right attorney for you.

1. When I leave a message for you, how long will it take to return my calls?
2. When I come to your office, will I be dealing with you or a member of your staff such as a paralegal, secretary or another less experienced attorney?
3. May I call you on the weekends or after hours?
4. Do you have any clients, past or present, who would be willing to speak with me?
5. The following is a question for you to ask yourself: “How are they treating me now, that is, before they get my money?” If the answer is “not so good”, this is not the attorney for you as I assure you their treatment will not improve after they get your money.

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